On the face of it, there is not too much to connect Cove Bay in Aberdeenshire with Singapore.  Add in a female network called Boss babes NG and you might wonder where this is all going.   Read on and find out!

Name: Chioma Onoshakpor

Job Title: Lecturer in Management

What does your job at RGU involve?
My job involves a number of functions such as:

  • Teaching and related activities including direct teaching (Open and Distance Learning), and other tutorial guidance, examining and assessment, development of learning support material, methods and applications.
  • Research, consultancy and other forms of income generation.
  • Related duties including educational management and administration; participation in relevant internal and external committees, working groups and project teams; mentoring, counselling and other forms of student support.

What attracted you to come to work at RGU?
As an Entrepreneur in practice, I decided to further my knowledge and pursue a Doctorate degree in the field. Having enrolled in RGU for the past two years has been a life changing experience for me and transiting into working for RGU has been my dream from the day one.

RGU is a modern University with an affinity for multicultural diversity making it enviable and Aberdeen Business School just won Scottish Business School of the year 2020 according to Times. So why not?

If you weren’t doing this job, what, in an ideal world, would you like to do for a living?

If I weren’t doing this job, I would be coaching female entrepreneurs which is my passion. Over the past 3 years, I run a female network called Boss babes NG where female entrepreneurs come together to get the necessary training and social capital to be able to grow our businesses and get the required information on funding to be able to scale our businesses.

What’s your favourite place in Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire?
The Cove Bay Nature trail! I love the serenity and the landscape in the Cove bay region of Aberdeenshire which is a 2.6 km trail located near Aberdeen, Scotland. The scenic views can be used for hiking, walking, running, and nature trips.

The combination of the gentle water and hard rocks constantly gives me a combination of a sense of peace plus natural energy that helps me re-focus and get re-energized. Absolutely lovely.

Best holiday you’ve had and why?
Singapore 2018 has to be my best holiday so far. Away for 10 days with my husband and three children, the efficient use of hi level technology in advancing everyday living was very thrilling for me. The cleanliness of the country is amazing and though a tourist filled country, everyone just aligns to the rules of the country. So many places for family to visit, the Universal studios and the Gardens by the bay are my favourite highlights.

Favourite TV show?
Hmm, I don’t follow TV shows because I do not have the time. But I watch already finished series available on Netflix. Some of my favourite are the Mexican series-Queen of the South and Eldragon. Don’t ask me why, hahaha

Favourite band/music?
I love the Afro-Pop singer- Tiwa Savage

If you’re going to a restaurant and could only have one thing to eat (one course), what would it be?
I love my rib-eyed steak with jollof rice or fries

If you were in charge of the university for one day, what’s the first thing you would do?
‘Empower the people to be better versions of themselves’