Bill Johnston

It’s always nice when one of our 60-second interviewees (without any requirement to do so) praises the area of the university in which he or she works.  Ah, but which one I hear you ask… well you’ll have to read on to find out.

Name: Bill Johnston 

Job Title: Fixed-term, Part-time Lecturer 

What does your job at RGU involve?
Tutoring Students

What attracted you to come to work at RGU?
The most progressive Business School in the UK

If you weren’t doing this job, what, in an ideal world, would you like to do for a living? A professional golfer 

What’s your favourite place in Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire?

Best holiday you’ve had and why?
Tuscany, Italy because of the heat and the sunflowers

Favourite TV show?
Line of Duty

Favourite band/music?
David Bowie

If you’re going to a restaurant and could only have one thing to eat (one course), what would it be?
Black Dal

If you were in charge of the university for one day, what’s the first thing you would do?
Host an open forum for all students to ask questions to teaching and executive team.