IMG_1109 This is the second of a two-part blog, looking at advice offered on the internet on what not to do at an interview and how RGU can help you avoid some of the obvious pitfalls. A recent article looked at 20 different blog pieces on this subject and, based on this, Part 1 identified “lack of preparation” and “inappropriate dress” as the two major problems recruiters encounter at the interview stage. However, there are other common issues which we would strongly advise you to be aware of before attending an interview with RGU or any other potential employer.

The other major problems candidates have at an interview are: not answering questions or failing to ask any questions”, followed by criticising your current or former employer. Some 45% of the blogs surveyed cited the latter as an issue and the same percentage said that failing to ask questions was a problem, while 35% noted failure to answer questions as a common failing.

As regards berating your employer, while you might think is was an obviously wrong thing to do, it’s worth bearing in mind that many people do want to leave their current job for negative reasons, so it’s perhaps not unsurprising that many seize the opportunity to unburden themselves. However, it is frowned upon by interviewers in general (it can make you sound like “trouble”) so please don’t do it!

The last major issue noted in this survey of blog and web articles is to do with following-up on your interview, with 35% of the articles surveyed said that a major failing was when interviewees didn’t do this after their interview. While many will recoil from being thought too pushy or even desperate, it does no harm whatsoever to send a thank you note/email.

As noted in my earlier blog, if you have any questions/concerns about your interview with RGU, please do get in touch with the recruitment team. The most significant failing recorded in this survey of online recruitment blogs was a lack of preparation. As a wise man (almost certainly a wise woman!) once said, “fail to prepare and prepare to fail”. We want you to succeed. We want to have intelligent, stimulating conversations with our interviewees and be able to make a first-class appointment to RGU, whatever level of job is involved.

Julie Skinner, Resourcing & Benefit Specialist