working from home

This is the third of our Lockdown Lowdown interviews with RGU staff who are now thoroughly acclimatised to working from home.  While some have found it difficult to adjust, others, like Nayma, have really enjoyed the change.

Name: Nayma Tarafdar 

Department: Academic Administration  

How long have you been working at RGU?
One year   

What do you enjoy best about working for RGU?
Good hours  

Working from home 

  • What’s the best thing about working from home?
    Everything. More productive and if I don’t feel too well I can still work as I have the comforts of my home to make me feel better whilst working, no time wasted on travel and better work life balance 
  • And the worst?
    Harder to discuss work with colleagues 
  • And the most surprising?
    How efficient working from home is and how much money I save. 

The office 

  • What do you miss most about the office?
    Speaking to colleagues  
  • And what do you miss least?
    The office itself and the travel  
  • Would you like to be able to continue working from home, at least partly, once the crisis is over?
    I would love to work from home all the time  

Outside work – as a result of lockdown 

  • What did you miss most being able to do?
    Going out for meals  
  • And what did you miss least having to do?
    Seeing people  

The future 

  • What is the first place you are (realistically) going to go when all restrictions on travel are lifted?
    On a holiday to Dubai  
  • If money was no object, what would you buy yourself to make your life easier/better/more fun if we had to be in lockdown again in the future?
    Materials to start my own business and lots of food cooked by a chef