Bianca Duthie Photo - July 20

Even with lockdown slowly being eased, most of our colleagues are still working from home.  There are, of course, pros and cons, as Bianca explains in our latest Lockdown Lowdown interview.

Bianca Duthie Photo - July 20Name: Bianca Duthie

Department: Academic Administration for Business and Law

How long have you been working at RGU? Almost 2 years 

What do you enjoy best about working for RGU?
The support and team spirit. Everyone looks after everyone, it’s a very calming environment (even when we are very busy) and everyone pitches in and truly cares.

Working from home 

  • What’s the best thing about working from home?
    I do love being able to watch Holly and Phil on This Morning while I work.
  • And the worst?
    Not seeing friends, both in our department and across campus who we are used to seeing every day.
  • And the most surprising?
    Seeing how flexible I could be adjusting to working from home and helping my son with his digital learning journey as well as supporting both his and my own mental health.

The office 

  • What do you miss most about the office?
    The endless cups of tea, it’s not the same at home with no-one to chit-chat with while the kettle boils.
  • And what do you miss least?
    Finding a parking space
  • Would you like to be able to continue working from home, at least partly, once the crisis is over? Yes 

Outside work – as a result of lockdown 

  • What did you miss most being able to do?
    Seeing friends and family
  • And what did you miss least having to do?
    Making a physical effort every day. If I want to leave my hair tied up, unbrushed then who cares. 

The future 

  • What is the first place you are (realistically) going to go when all restrictions on travel are lifted?
    To visit family in Birmingham hopefully, we should have gone in April but had to cancel with lockdown.
  • If money was no object, what would you buy yourself to make your life easier/better/more fun if we had to be in lockdown again in the future?
    Easier – a second computer screen,
    Better – a printer,
    More fun – a jacuzzi with a cocktail maker