Our last blog covered the basics of what you can expect if you are invited for a job interview at RGU. This time, we’re going to tell you a bit more about some specific aspects of our interviewing process and procedures.

We explained in the last blog about our behavioural interviewing approach (you may also know this as ‘competency-based interviewing). However, for some roles (administrators cleaners in particular) we recruit two or three times a year, via Recruitment/Selection Days. For cleaners we tend to operate ‘drop in’ sessions with a brief discussion and some basic skills exercises. For admin staff, you can expect an initial ‘role play’ telephone interview followed by a skills test and a traditional interview with behaviour/competency-style questioning.

We are often asked if we use psychometric testing. The answer is that we do sometimes use it for supervisory, customer facing and management roles, using Thomas International’s psychometric testing tools.

If you are invited to an interview for an academic position, then, as you’d probably expect, you will often be asked to make a presentation to the interviewing panel.

Senior management roles usually involve an intensive selection procedure, with traditional interviews, presentations, tours of the university and meetings with potential peers.

We also ask you to note that although it is a superb, indeed beautiful place to work, Garthdee Campus can be a difficult place to park at some times of the day. If your interview is at Garthdee, you will need to register your car at the nearest University reception desk and allow plenty of time to find a space!

If you are about to attend an interview we wish you luck and if you do have any questions about our processes and procedures, or require any adjustments to accommodate your needs, please do let us know in advance.

Julie Skinner, MCIPD
Resourcing & Benefit Specialist
Email: j.skinner@rgu.ac.uk